About JM Rose

During my final year of University in 2016, I developed an allergic skin reaction against chemical-based cosmetic ingredients. Still, I thought that it may have been caused by one particular ingredient or chemical, produced within the cosmetic product. But, then the same reaction took a relentless appearance with alternative cosmetic products. After much research into a product for ‘sensitive skin’, I realized all the chemicals that may provoke a virulent effect on the skin’s epidermis.

natural organic beauty cosmetics

This is when my search began for cosmetics which use natural, organic ingredients in its formula.

Not having a background in chemistry or cosmetics formulation, I completed rigorous research and read course books about botanical ingredients, minerals, natural preservatives, natural colorants, carrier and essential oils, butters, waxes and many other organic ingredients used to manufacture natural cosmetics products – so much as to discover the nourishing effects and therapeutic benefits which an organic ingredient and natural mineral have on various types of skin.

And so, JM Rose was born in 2018 in an aim to give answers to those beauties around the world who are faced with the same skin troubles.

Gone are the days of smearing daunting cosmetic products on your skin. Now, you can enjoy a life of organic beauty, stemmed from the riches of the Earth, without the compromise. Put aside the organic beauty FOMO (fear of missing out) and sign up to JM Rose for invaluable advice about natural beauty and organic cosmetics.

Take advice from nature… It is where beauty started after all.


Natural, Organic Beauty without Compromise


FOMO is legit. Get in touch with JM Rose for any questions, collaborations or feedback. We’re open to all kinds of communication about natural beauty, and organic make-up and cosmetics.